Carpets are often overlooked in offices and commercial buildings, but the condition of a carpet can have a much greater impact than most people realise. The floor is one of the first things that a visitor notices about an interior space, so a stained or dirty carpet can make a poor impression, plus a dirty carpet is an unhygienic carpet, which impacts negatively upon the health of workers and clients.

In this post, we look at three of the many benefits of the commercial carpet cleaning services we can provide our customers across East Anglia with.

One – Carpet Cleaning Keeps Carpets Looking Their Best for Longer

An obvious benefit to carpet cleaning is that it extends the life of your carpets. Regular cleaning lifts the pile, giving it body, and it also keeps it free of dirt which discolours and stains carpets over time.

The dirt that gets ground into the carpet also damages it, as the abrasive particles gradually wear away the fibres, causing them to fall apart. Given the cost of replacing damaged carpets, not to mention the many other financial benefits of keeping the carpets clean, commercial carpet cleaning services make sense financially.

Two – Carpet Cleaning Reduces Airborne Particles

While comfortable underfoot and aesthetically pleasing, carpets are notorious for harbouring dirt, dust and other airborne particles, including harmful microbes. Regular carpet cleaning eliminates microscopic particles which can cause respiratory and other health conditions. This helps to protect the health of your employees, which in turn offers benefits such as:

  • Reduced absenteeism – When your employees are healthy, they needn’t take sick days.
  • Improved morale – By keeping the workplace clean and staff healthy, morale increases.
  • Enhanced productivity – Healthy and happy employees are productive employees.

It’s simple really, by providing your employees with a workplace that’s clean and hygienic, they’ll be happier, healthier, more motivated and, therefore, more productive. What’s more, employers have an obligation to provide their staff with a safe workplace, so you’ll also be meeting your obligations.

Three – Carpet Cleaning Helps You to Make a Great Impression on Clients

Workplaces speak volumes about the businesses that occupy them. This means putting your best foot forward with a clean and hygienic workplace is good for business, because when a client enters a workplace that’s well-presented, it provides confidence in the business’s products and services. Chances are you’ve entered a workplace that was less than hygienic and you weren’t impressed, leading to you forming a poor impression of the business, so why risk making that impression on your clients?

Moreover, keeping the office carpets looking their best also has an outstanding knock-on effect in that employees notice that the workplace is well-maintained and take pride in helping to keep it that way. This also contributes to high levels of employee morale, which is something that every business aims for.

At Vapor Clean, we provide commercial carpet cleaning services to businesses. To speak to a team member about your carpet cleaning requirements, please contact us here.