When Should I have my Carpets Cleaned?

When Should I have my Carpets Cleaned?


You see a stain in your carpets, they start to track and you have them cleaned but is that the right time to have your carpets cleaned? Do you find yourself asking when should I have my carpets cleaned?


There are so many more reasons to have your carpets cleaned other than, that they just look dirty. Did you know if your carpets look dirty you have actually waited too long. Yes that’s correct; most carpet manufacturers recommend you have your carpets cleaned once a year regardless of how they look. This is to prolong the life and keep them sanitary.

So when should you actually have your carpets cleaned?


You should clean your carpets once per year!

Yes that’s correct as mentioned above to prolong the life of your carpets you should clean your carpets at least once per year not just when they look dirty. Deep carpet cleaning is designed for just that, cleaning deep down in to the base fibres of your carpet. Simple vacuuming or dry carpet cleaning simply cannot reach to the base fibres, meaning slowly over time, more and more grime is left within your carpet.

A regular yearly deep clean will also help to remove the germs from inside your carpet. Germs can grow almost anywhere, and your carpet is no different, think about it, we walk on it everyday. Yet most of us lay on it, play on it and basically roll around on the germ filled carpet, without thinking a good thorough deep clean once a year would be a good idea.


When you move out, at the End of a Tenancy

If you simply look at it from a consideration stand point as mentioned above, carpets can be filled with dirt and germs and let’s be honest, most of us are happy to live with a certain level of our own dirt and germs but someone else’s can simply make your skin crawl!

However these days that’s not typically the reason we have carpets cleaned when we move out of a property. When you reach the end of a tenancy agreement, it can state we must have the carpets cleaned, and if we do not it will typically affect the return of the deposit.


When a Child Starts to crawl

Even if previously you have not been the type of person to have your carpets cleaned regularly, or have not previously given much consideration to how many germs are in your carpets, becoming a parent can start the nesting stage, which can trigger a Mum or Dad to be cleaning throughout the house. Deep cleaning the carpets at this stage can be a good idea, but it is more important when your little one starts to learn to crawl.

When a baby starts to crawl they are typically allowed to crawl with direct contact on the carpet, and we all know that babies are prone to putting their hands and whatever else they think looks tasty (which is pretty much everything) straight in to their mouth.


When the colour starts to darken

Life is busy, maybe you haven’t even realised a year has passed; maybe your house is simply busier the average household or maybe you just simply don’t feel have carpets cleaned once a year is necessary. That’s your choice, however, when you start to see the colour change on your carpets, act fast.

You may only see some patches or tracks in the main walk through in each area, these areas get dirtier faster as we walk on them more often and as described before the carpets could literally be filling up with dirt. The more dirt in a carpet the harder it is to remove, so if you act quickly you are likely to get a better result.

A severely tracked carpet will be able to restored by a good professional carpet cleaner, but may not be perfect and some soiling will still remain deep down in the carpet meaning your carpet ill not last in the same great condition as it could have.

When removing obvious stains

It can be very tempting to simply use a stain remover such as 1001 or vanish on a stain however, some stain removers can cause more harm than good, even if they do remove the stains. Plus when you remove just a small patch, it can show how dirty the rest of the carpet really is.

Even when having a spot stain removed by a professional carpet cleaner can cause light patches, which is why most professional carpets cleaners will insist on cleaning the full room or at least blending a certain area, but in all honesty, a full clean of the whole room will always be the best option, to ensure the carpet lasts and there is no difference in colour.


So when should you have your carpets cleaned? It obviously all depends on the circumstances really but remember if your unsure ask a professional or play it safe and try t stick to the yearly rule, when you are the one responsible for buying replacements and if in a rental property, try to maintain them where possible but always have them cleaned before you move out and hand keys back to the agent.