What do all successful businesses have in common? They make a good first impression!

Commercial businesses will hire commercial cleaning companies for office cleaning, window cleaning, carpet cleaning and more! Because customers notice small details so it’s important to make a good first impression. A regular deep clean of your premises can make a difference between building a thriving business or going out of business!
Many businesses will hire commercial cleaning services to maintain a clean and healthy work environment.

There are a range of commercial cleaning contracts to consider for your business. Most importantly, your cleaning should be tailored for your business. If you work in an office hiring someone who cleans industrially isn’t going to benefit your workspace. Contracts should have a set of basic requirements which can be extended to offer a bespoke service.

Studies suggest that staff are happier and more able to concentrate in a clean environment, which promotes productivity. Keeping your premises clean for staff will also result in less staff absence and a happier team.

In high traffic areas ‘touch points’- those areas that plenty of people are touching but that may be overlooked- phones, chairs, keyboards etc can carry a multitude of nasty germs so it is important to keep these areas sanitised especially when dealing with vulnerable people. This is why schools, care homes and hospitals have a rigid cleaning structure.

Within the hospitality industry a clean working environment will help the business achieve a higher hygiene rating thus bringing more revenue to the business.

Businesses that care about their staff and their customers have a clean and organised premises. This not only shows that the company is capable but ensures that the lasting impression of the company will be a positive one.

With staff in the South West and most of England spending at least eight hours a day in their workplace it makes sense to create an environment for staff that is as nice as possible. A clean workspace gives staff pride in their job and also creates a place customers will enjoy visiting.

It gives the impression that your business knows what they’re doing and creates a bond of trust with your customer.
By hiring a commercial cleaning company you are also removing the stress from any staff as there will be no arguments over who has to change the bins! I mentioned the importance of cleaning high traffic touch-points previously but by hiring a cleaning company, you can also ensure that hard to reach areas are kept clean.

In short, the businesses that hire cleaning services are the ones who realise the importance of prioritising staff and customer health and safety and are serious about creating a successful, thriving business.

Team Vapor Clean.