While we aim to offer a bespoke service to all of our clients, commercial contract cleaning is made up of a number of standard cleaning tasks or key elements which build a strong and efficient cleaning package.

This is catered for by a quote visit whereby the cleaning contractor will visit site for around 30 minutes to assess your cleaning needs within the business which enables a specialist assessor to get a good feel for the premises and what is required.

During this visit the aim is to discuss a number of different factors, such as how often different areas of the building need to be cleaned? What is the footfall within the building? If it’s an office environment-how many people work there, or if it’s a restaurant how often are you serving; or how many days are you open? This will be specific to your commercial premises.

A standard commercial cleaning quote should be a full proposal which outlines exactly what will be provided as part of your commercial contract cleaning package. If you obtain more than one quote they may differ slightly. As the customer it’s your choice whether you choose one as standard or discuss and personalise the cleaning services further, so it’s closer what you feel is required.

So what is Typically included within Commercial Contract Cleaning?

So you have had your meeting, the cleaning company have drawn up a proposal but what can you typically expect to be included? Here is a list of standard things you should be able to expect from contract commercial cleaning services.

  1. Cleaning Schedule – Everyone needs to know what’s being cleaned and when, so commercial cleaning companies normally create a cleaning schedule so there is no confusion.
  2. Vetted Cleaners – A cleaning contractor should be putting the best staff within your premises, regardless of the working environment. Therefore, they will need to be vetting them properly which usually means an advanced DBS check.
  3. Professional Training – You don’t appoint a cleaning contractor just to put bodies on site, you want professional cleaners; so they should be providing all staff with professional training, which evolves with the cleaning contract.
  4. Involved Management – To maintain standards or discuss any requirement changes-that’s just two reasons you want someone there to be overseeing things.
  5. On-site Clock in – You want to be able to see clearly when someone was there and for how long, not just so you know you’re getting what you pay for but to ensure lone working or health & safety practises are adhered to.
  6. Professional Equipment / solutions – specialist cleaning equipment can not only ensure the highest standards are achieved but also help to reduce the hours required.
  7. Absences Cover – One of the hardest parts of managing cleaners can be absence management. This can be one of the biggest reasons for choosing your contractor. You want to know when your usual cleaner or cleaners are absent that the job will be done to standard.

Your individual requirements will determine in what way you will require the above elements, during the course of your office contract cleaning-but provided the right commercial cleaning contractor; contract cleaning can be a time saving, stress saving way to maintain a well presented, productive and safe workplace.

Team Vapor Clean.