What Germs Are Lurking in Your Carpets?

What Germs Are Lurking in Your Carpets?


A typical household carpet can hold up to four times it’s weight in dirt, so what germs are lurking in your carpets?


We usually have our carpets cleaned when we start to see some stains or just general dirt showing, but did you know carpet manufacturers recommend you have your carpets cleaned at least one a year. Carpets simply act like a filter in our homes, trapping dirt and germs from the air, so the aesthetics of the carpet are not the only reason we should have them cleaned. A good professional deep clean can not just improve the look of your carpets but also kill a huge number of germs which are lurking inside.


Carpets Can be The Most Germ Ridden Part of Your Home


As mentioned above carpets can hold up four times their own weight in dirt, they could be as much 4,000 times dirtier than your toilet seat, that’s because your carpets are the biggest filter in your home, trapping and removing VOC’s, dust, dirt and other kinds of nasty things from the air.


It is said that 75% of people don’t remove their shoes when walking on carpets, meaning all the germs and dirt from outside is being squeezed in to your carpet and growing while there.


Although regular vacuuming is very important, it is believed that air blown from a vacuum is one of the top five dirtiest places in your home.


Exactly What Germs Are in There


Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus or MRSA — This penicillin-resistant superhero of the bacterial world can run rampant in your carpet and mattress, especially if you have any athletes in the house.


They’ll bring it home from the gym or the locker room in that nasty gym bag you just realized you never wash, take off their shoes before setting a nasty dirt-covered foot on the carpet… and track in whatever they brought home after sweating through practice. MRSA can be carried by healthy people for hours or even years.


Campylobacter — Generally, this one is the most dangerous during the winter months, especially as you and the little ones track in bacteria-friendly dampness on those galoshes. It causes a potentially deadly disease known as campylobacteriosis, which can be dangerous to people with a compromised immune system, like small children or the elderly. Symptoms include bloody diarrhea, cramping, abdominal pain and fever.


Norovirus — Also known as the Norwalk virus, Norovirus causes symptoms similar to food poisoning or even the stomach flu. It can survive in your carpet or in your bed for four to six weeks, and it becomes airborne as people walk or roll across it. If you live in areas with a prevalence of dust, like Texas, New Mexico or Arizona, you’re in even more danger.


Fungi and Mould — Several fungi and moulds can invade your home, some of which can cause serious allergies and even death. Aspergillus, Rhizopus, Alternaria, Geotrichum and Cladosporium are all potential bedmates.


Micrococcus — This one can be particularly nasty for those with compromised immune systems. It can cause some serious-looking skin infections, septic shock, meningitis (among other things) and even death.


Enterococci —This one is actually a normal bacteria that exists in your intestines, but some species can cause serious infections in humans. It can cause urinary tract infections, bacteremia, bacterial endocarditis, diverticulitis and meningitis, and some strains are resistant to treatment.


How Often Do you Come in Contact With These Germs?


90% of people admit to spilling food on the carpet and eating it. If your carpets are dirty, just think about what you are actually putting into your stomach. Forget that five-second rule. Bacteria can live for up to four weeks in carpeting, and if there is any in yours, which there likely is, that bacteria is going to get on your food.


We don’t just walk on our carpets, we sit on them, wrestle on them, we may even lay on them cuddling our kids and pets, all the time coming in to contact with copious amounts of germs.

If there are children or pets in your home, it is even more important to make sure that your carpets are professionally cleaned on a regular basis. Young children often crawl around and play on the floor. For this reason alone you will want to have clean carpets. They can pick up a lot of germs from the dirt in carpets, and if there are any insects, they are also likely to get bitten, which can lead to serious allergic reactions in some people. In the case of pets, there are two reasons to keep the carpets clean. For one thing, the pets are going to be shedding fur and dander, which will cling to the carpet fibers. For another, the pets are going to be crawling around on the floor, and they pick up germs and get sick just like we do. In order to make sure that your entire family is healthy, including the four-legged, furry family members, call a professional carpet cleaning service to ensure that your carpets are clean and healthy.