Steam Cleaners are designed to turn tap water in to steam. Different steam cleaners work in different ways some at higher pressure using more water, and some higher temperatures using less water. Steam Cleaning services consist of a number of different applications. Steam Cleaning carpets, steam cleaning grout, steam cleaning sofas or steam cleaning engines or vehicles. Modern technology has allowed this type of cleaners to evolve in to vapor steam cleaners. Vapor steam cleaning uses much less water than traditional equipment of this nature.

Steam Cleaning Services

Steam Cleaning Services is a broad term for many varying services. Traditionally seen as a messy specialist service some cleaning companies are offering more of this type of services.  Very limited though is the Vapor Cleaning method which has recently been introduced in many hospitals and care homes to fight the spread of germs. This services varies from many of the traditional services and uses completely different equipment. Both types of equipment can be found on the market to purchase for private use. Although some cowboy companies have recently been using domestic machines for commercial purposes they are not suitable. Commercial grade machines are much more powerful and much better equipped than domestic appliances. Only select companies use this type of machine within all or most of their cleaning services. This aids better standards of clean, quicker cleaning and value for money. Whether you buying equipment or requesting services reputation and reviews is always a good place to start.

Steam Cleaner Reviews

There is a large number of different types of cleaners and steam cleaning equipment available today. It is always a good idea to try out any potential equipment or services providers before purchasing. Steam cleaner reviews give a good insight in to how well suited the equipment or service would suite you requirements. Some people can get confused or simply not know the difference from pressure washers. Which is another good reason for checking reviews. Poorly made equipment can be costly as can poorly executed services. Many people offer services that they are not able to provide to the correct standards.

Steam Cleaning Carpets

Steam cleaning carpets is a process used for deep carpet cleaning and sanitation. However this can quite often be confused with Hot water extraction carpet cleaning. This process is exactly what it sounds like. A pre-spray is applied and then hot water is used at high pressure while being extracted along with the soiling. Although once one of the best processes for carpet cleaning it uses much more water and has risks attached. Carpet Steam Cleaning uses less water and therefore has a much quicker drying time, as well as no risk of your carpet shrinking.

 Steam Cleaning Engines

Probably one of the first main uses for this type of equipment. Steam cleaning engines is often used within the motor trade to rejuvenate the engine bay. This process can quickly and effectively remove dirt, grease and oils. This process must be undertaken in a controlled area as it can be very messy and harmful to the environment. The oils and grease that have been removed bust flow somewhere and therefore should only be competed by professional in the correct places. With vehicles having o many electrical components these days care should always be taken.

Vapor Steam Cleaners

Vapor Steam Cleaners are the modern evolution of the standard steam cleaners. Vapor steam cleaners or steam vapor systems are cleaning appliances which produce quick drying, low water content steam. A machine can only categorised as this equipment if it produces a low moisture content of less than 6%. Vapor Steamers are used to clean, and sanitize surfaces. They used widely within care homes, hospitals, restaurants etc. Often the process is effective enough to disinfect or even sterilize the surfaces. The steam is produced in a boiler that heats tap water to high temperatures (240-310F/115-155C). The equipment uses a variety of insulated tools and accessories, thereby safely providing the energy needed to break soil bonds and release contaminants. After which they can be removed by wiping or vacuuming. Vapor steam cleaners are a form of green cleaning since they do not require the use of chemical cleaning solutions. They are growing in popularity because of steam vapor’s ability to kill germs and in some cases disinfect without the use of chemical disinfectants. Steam vapor has also been cited as effective in killing dust mites in carpets, bedding, and upholstery.

Steam Cleaning Grout

Steam cleaning grout as recently become possible due to the development of controlled precise equipment. Virtually unheard of in past years, within the home but has become possible with the introduction of vapor cleaning systems. These machines have more detailed tools and create less mess than traditional machines. The high temperatures in which they work also kills germs as they work. This has resulted in a many care homes, hospitals and spas using them in wet rooms and bathrooms. The pressure can force the steam deep in to the grout not just cleaning the surface.

Steam Cleaning Sofas

Cleaning Sofa fabric or upholstery cleaning has traditionally been done by hot water extraction. This method however meant long drying times and not being able to use the sofa for long periods. Steam cleaning sofas uses less water content providing a quicker drying time. Based around the same process with a pre-spray and extraction still used great results are achieved. Modern technology has enabled the results achieved from an aesthetic point of view to exceed previous results. Whilst killing germs and bugs is always exceeded due to the high temperature used for this process.