No matter what trade you require in this day and age it is paramount you find a reputable and trust worthy company. One great way to do find a reputable cleaning company is to find reviews for cleaning services. There are a number of ways for finding a cleaning company but how do you know the are reputable. These new flash websites are great I love ours but how do you know the feedback is genuine?

Good Reviews go far if it was your friend recommending a cleaning company you would trust them. Cleaning services reviews are just the same, maybe not with quite as much trust but if they are verified then great.

Checkatrade Cleaning Services Reviews

Checkatrade is a free service that gives you the background information you need to make a confident decision for all cleaning services. Checkatrade offer you a directory of trades and services who have been vetted to their extremely high standards. For example by verifying a cleaning companies insurance. Reviews on Cleaning Services are collected. They ten monitor these cleaning reviews on an ongoing basis by verifying the reviews before publishing them. Since 1998 Checkatrade have collected 1,189,560 customer reports.

These reports give you the facts about the strengths and weaknesses of listed cleaning services companies. You know what you are getting. Recommendation, reputation, and a standard you can trust. Vapor Clean joined Checkatrade to highlight how exceptional our services are. Although we offer our cleaning services at a reasonable rate we offer exceptionally professional cleaning services. Offering our customers a verified way of reviewing our services is another way of showing our customers we can be trusted. Why not check out our Checkatrade page at

Facebook Reviews Cleaning Services

Facebook Reviews for cleaning services can also be another great resource. If you want to do your background checks where better to start than social media. Although social media can be used as a weapon it is great for showing your appreciation to cleaning companies. Cleaning services reviews on Facebook are easy. A simple star rating system for how satisfied you were. You can also show a little brand loyalty for your cleaning services provider by liking their page and sharing it with you Facebook friends. Although not verified this can be a good starting point but beware too many reviews or likes can be fake. Some companies buy likes and cleaning services reviews.

Google Plus Reviews – Google Places Reviews

You can also leave cleaning Services Reviews Google Plus. With the recent introduction of Google places reviews. When you search on Google and get a Google places listing pop up they may have reviews for their cleaning services. This is still quite new so is not very popular yet but what a great way to check what the cleaning services are like.