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The point is often discussed should you clean your oven before or after Christmas? Whichever way you would go Vapor Clean always find there is always a rush for oven cleaning services on the run up to Christmas, but why?

We decided to survey our customers during last years Christmas rush to find out what exactly what the real reasons were for the sudden rush to get the oven cleaned. We found the main reason for people preferring to have their oven cleaned before Christmas was relatives! yes that’s right, many of us have family over for Christmas day or shortly after and a large proportion of our customers said they did not want their family to see the state of their oven or they would be embarrassed.

One reason that was mentioned, only once or twice but we feel is very interesting and definitely worth a trial, was that a dirty oven affected the taste of the Turkey! Yes believe it or not some customers said they felt a dirty oven gave the Turkey a bad taste, and one customer that had their oven cleaned in January said they would never have the oven cleaned before Christmas because it stopped the Turkey tasting so good!

Why get your oven professionally cleaned?

When you ask one of our professional technicians you will get a bit more of a technical answer, because as you will know during the festive season your oven gets a good work out and sometimes cleaning it or simply wiping it over can get neglected. This can lead to a quick build up of soiling and due to the extra usage a swift change of oil and fat to carbon! Not only does this make oven cleaning more difficult, it also increases the risk of damage to your appliance and possibilities of break down.

Whatever the reason Vapor Clean always find a big rush for Oven Cleaning Services during the run up to the festive season and can be fully booked up weeks in advance, we have regular customers that book the day their oven is cleaned for the following year and some that attempt to squeeze in at the last minute, either way Vapor Clean always offer a great service at a great price.