Studies suggest that bacteria can live on hard surfaces between 24 hours to 7 days-a terrifying thought! To keep a clean and healthy working environment for your staff a regular clean of premises is needed. Not only does this lead to less absence due to sickness but better working conditions lead to higher productivity.

The kind of cleaning services you require will depend on your business.
By hiring a commercial cleaning company you can ensure that your premises are maintained to a high standard.

A range of commercial cleaning contracts are available but the one you choose should be bespoke to your needs. This should include the frequency of the cleaning, whether you need it daily, weekly or bi weekly. It’s important your contract includes the areas used most frequently within your business. These ‘touch point’ areas can be a magnet for bacteria as they are handled by so many people. Phones and keyboards are the areas that need cleaning and will often be overlooked if they don’t look dirty, however they should be cleaned at least once a week if not daily. The commercial cleaning service you hire may offer intermittent deep cleaning, carpet cleaning or window cleaning- it may be worth investing in these services quarterly to ensure that standards are maintained.

You may wish to operate a clear desk policy at the end of the day or working week and make staff aware that their desk needs to be clear for it to be cleaned. This is a basic health and safety point for your staff.

The office cleaning package you choose should include vacuuming, mopping or scrubbing of hard floors (perhaps intermittent steam cleaning), a clean of all touch point areas and hard surfaces and a thorough clean of all staff welfare areas. These are areas such as staff bathrooms and a clean area for break and lunchtimes where staff can eat or make a drink.

You may want to create a schedule of cleaning with the company you hire to ensure certain areas aren’t missed by the cleaning staff. Obviously if the public access your premises the higher footfall in your building means extra dirt in your building. The more people you have coming in and out means you are going to want to ensure your workplace is clean and sanitary as word of mouth can mean you lose custom if you make a bad first impression.

A reputable cleaning service will ensure your contract is bespoke to your needs and that time on site is spent as productively as possible.

Team Vapor Clean.