A new year is a fresh start for many of us. A chance to kick start a new diet or fitness regime and get your life in order. Maybe you’ve set a new year resolution to visit the gym once a week, or maybe your goals are closer to home. My resolutions usually involve ways to keep the house tidier and more organised, especially in winter when the kids come home in muddy shoes and everyone spends so much more time indoors.


With studies suggesting we are more relaxed in cleaner surroundings it makes sense that you would want your house in order also, not to mention that de-cluttering and better home hygiene mean less illness for yourself and your family, which can be a real problem during the colder months.


With this in mind, I’ve compiled some decluttering tips for you to consider to ease you into a new cleaning regime! Tidy house, tidy mind! If this all seems to0 overwhelming, eat those last mince pies and contact a commercial cleaning service as new year gift to yourself!


  • Start by removing all Christmas decorations, gift boxes and trimmings. This is an instant space saver and will give you a true idea of the space you need to clean. This is unfortunate if your children preferred the box to the present but we are on cleaning mission!


  • Declutter! Starting from eye height recycle those Christmas cards, boxes and paper. If you’re anything like me you also have a pile of receipts you’ve had since December just in case you needed to return something!


  • Clean room by room. This adds order to your domestic cleaning and once one room is finished to a high standard it will give you a boost to move to the next. Rooms like the living room and kitchen make the most impact as they’re used so frequently. Make sure all laundry is in a basket or laundry room so you can schedule the cleaning tasks ahead. I have implemented a 10p per matching pair of sock rule in my house. I still have a basket full of odd socks!


  • Spend 20 minutes a day giving a light clean, putting away any stray items. Clothes in closet with a hanger etc, as opposed to my children’s choice; the floordrobe. Put the items in storage boxes so everything stays organised. Failing this-choose one drawer to be the junk drawer. Every kitchen has one but you must remember to periodically empty and organise this!


  • Consider an oven clean to spruce up the kitchen after cooking your Christmas dinner. A range of commercial cleaning companies will have January deals.


  • Start as you mean to go on-Don’t let yourself get into the habit of putting things down to sort out later! What needs to be kept put away-what needs to be thrown away recycle where possible or bin! This may seem like hassle to begin with but once it becomes a habit you will be so busy basking in the joy of your new clutter free life that it won’t seem like a chore.


For commercial cleaning companies January is a very busy time, the last minute oven cleans who couldn’t get in before Christmas will usually schedule a new year clean instead with a mind to getting sorted and fresh for spring. Once those decorations are down, a cosy winter room can appear drab and stark, especially as we still have dark mornings and evenings to contend with.


For a quick spruce up as we wait to begin  spring cleaning,  why not treat yourself to a carpet clean or deep clean of your home or office? A deep clean can give your home or premises an instant wow factor and will make it much easier to maintain and clean. Some tasks can seem overwhelming so if you’ve put things off this also means you get to put your feet up and let a cleaning team do the work! Why not try our deep cleaning services?


From all of us here, we wish you a prosperous, healthy and clutter free new year.


Team Vapor Clean.