Keep all doors and windows closed during bonfire and firework displays.

As part of our customer service at Vapor clean we often get asked tips to maintain cleanliness without having to rely on a cleaning company or to avoid a dreaded deep clean.
Those scents can linger for a long time and are hard to shift-if you are struggling why not try a natural deodoriser as part of your domestic cleaning routine?
Coffee grounds are a great way of removing scents from the air as they neutralise the palette.
Simply take some coffee grounds (these work better than beans) and place them in a bowl or use a jar and pierce the lid. Place them in the affected areas and the grounds will absorb odours and leave the area smelling fresher, neutral-or at least just like coffee!
If you aren’t a coffee fan- try some baking soda in a small dish near the scent. This should absorb the odour. For upholstery or carpets- this can be used by applying baking soda to the affected area, leave to settle then vacuum away the soda.
Finally-Vanilla. Vanilla is a wonderful deodoriser it smells great and has a lovely homely scent perfect to create warmth during a cold winter.
After bringing a pan of water to the boil- try adding a few drops of some vanilla essential oil and leave to simmer, to fill your home with a wonderful natural fragrance. For more persistent smells, re fill the water and add a couple more drops as necessary. This is an excellent pick-me-up to add to any regular cleaning plan.

Removing stains.

On Bonfire night there are some stains you are almost guaranteed to deal with-whether you’re viewing a display publicly or having one at home. At this time of year most grass land will be wet and in the dark sometimes muddy shoes aren’t noticed until they’ve left a trail running through the house!
Allow any mud to dry before you try to tackle it. Once the mud is dried, using a blunt knife or spoon, remove as much of the excess as is possible and vacuum the area.
Using a small amount of water, either a spray bottle or cloth dampen the area and blot dry with a paper towel or cloth.
If this fails, try adding a small amount of washing powder to the water-only just enough to make the water cloudy and repeat the process, dampening the area and blotting dry.


Always remember to rinse the affected area of carpet any time you use washing powder on a stain to avoid leaving dark patches or uneven tone.

If despite your best efforts some soot still manages to find its way into your home be very careful how you dispose of it!
Using the detail tool of your vacuum, vacuum soot from the carpet before it has time to settle and ingrain into the pile. Avoid using excessive pressure as this could force the soot further into the carpet leaving a stain. Hopefully this should remove most of it, however if some soot remains, sprinkle talcum powder over the area (yes, really!) to absorb the stain-brush over this lightly and vacuum away the deposit.
Rinse this with a small amount of water and blot dry the excess-this should push the soot into the water, removing it.
If you are still struggling with soot stains after these steps opt for an oxygen-based stain remover for clothing-make a small, reasonably watered-down mixture and apply to the area. Leave this for a few minutes before rinsing and blotting with a paper towel or cloth.
Have fun!

Whether you are enjoying a cosy night in, going to see a firework display or having a display at home- enjoy whatever treats are in store for you this Bonfire night and stay safe.

All part of the high standard home cleaning services from Vapor Clean.

Team Vapor Clean.