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Extractor & Duct Cleaning Cheltenham

No matter what size kitchen you are running in Cheltenham, you know that keeping your kitchen clean is imperative. The extractor ducts in your kitchen will get very dirty quickly and if you do not hire an expert to perform extractor & duct cleaning in Cheltenham, then you can easily create a fire hazard in your kitchen.

At Vapor Clean, we hire only the best in the business who specialise in cleaning ducts and extractors to ensure that our customers are operating safe and efficient kitchens. Too many times, we have seen what happens when a kitchen is not cleaned the way it should be, which is why we recommend that our customers set up a schedule for their extractor duct & cleaning in Cheltenham. We understand the importance of a thorough yet speedy cleaning so you do not have any downtime for your kitchen.

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Our experts are always taking part in continuing education that will increase their skills and abilities on the job. In addition, all of our technicians are trained to have complete knowledge about various systems, ensuring that the work will be done correctly and any problems that they find will be repaired. If you have a commercial kitchen that you want to keep clean and safe, then call us on 01242 279 793 to talk to one of our experts about our needs and see how we can help you.

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Key Features

✓ Meets B&ES TR/19 Standards

We ensure that our cleaning meets the industry standards set by insurance companies. This is typically the B&ES TR/19 standard, which includes how often you should have your extractor ducts cleaned.

✓ Experienced and Competent Technicians

Our technicians are the best in the business and we ensure that they stay updated and educated on any new advances or technologies that they can use while cleaning your ducts. They will meet standards, provide inspections, and keep your kitchen operating the way it should.

✓ Cleaning Certificate

When we are done cleaning your ducts, we will provide you with a certificate of cleaning that you can give to your insurance company. This shows that the work completed was done to the correct standard.