Everyone likes to have a great festive celebration but what is the last thing you think about? That’s right – the cleaning up after! Trust me we don’t blame you, the last thing you want to be doing is thinking about the mess that will be left let alone booking someone in to come out and clean it up for you!

Think about it: though you have a Christmas office party, don’t want to spend the extra money on a venue because you have a great space in your office, or you hire a hall to make sure you can get everyone in but who is going to clean it up? I am sure you will be short on volunteers if not before then after they have had a good time and a late night, especially if they are required to work the next day, or it’s normally their day off!

Event Cleaning Services

It is always a good idea to plan ahead, a good professional cleaner will undertake the work at a time that suites you, this could mean the office is ready to go again for the next day! Plus they will be fully prepared for whatever they find, the odd spillage or dare I say it the mess that’s left when someone misses the toilet. Whatever happens it’s good to be prepared if it’s within you office removing the smells can be very difficult and if it’s a hired venue they have certain standards that must be achieved, will your hung over tired party goers be able to reach that standard?

So with that in mind consider the cost, everyone knows a short notice clean is always going to cost more, the amount of times Vapor Clean get the phone call the morning after and are required to undertake a party clean you would not believe, but unfortunately we have to charge more because we have to shuffle work around to find the time, convince staff to work to ensure we have the labour, whereas if we are pre-booked everyone knows where they are going what they are doing and it runs smoothly leaving you to enjoy yourself!

Party Clean Up Services

If you require a party clean up of any kind why not give Vapor Clean a call to talk through your requirements, fully prepared cleaning technicians at a time that suites you! Give us a call on 0845 120 1310 to discuss your event cleaning requirements today.