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  • Tidy Home, Tidy Mind – How Clutter Affects Your Mood and How to Resolve It

    professional cleaner

    If you’ve been online at all this past year you already know that there is a huge movement toward cleaning up homes, getting rid of clutter, and embracing a picked-up home. If you live with clutter in your home, you are probably already aware that it makes your home look messy, smaller, and dirty, but […]

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  • The Ultimate Guide to Cleaning for Valentine’s Day


    If love is in the air for you on Valentine’s Day, then you have probably spent a lot of time planning the perfect evening for you and your sweetheart. One thing that you may not have considered, however, is how clean your home is. Whether you’ll be staying at home for a homemade meal and […]

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  • Why You Shouldn’t Cut Corners When Hiring a Cleaning Company

    clean room

    Whether you are a homeowner or a business owner, it’s important that if you are going to hire a cleaning company to help keep your building looking its best then you need to be very careful when you begin the hiring process. There are many companies that will offer cleaning services in your area, but […]

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  • Why Getting a Professional to Clean Your Oven Is Your Smartest Option

    clean oven

    Cleaning an oven is never a pleasant chore, but if you think it’s too expensive to get a professional to clean it for you, think again. Hiring a professional can actually save you both time and money, for once you take into consideration all the expenses associated with purchasing equipment and cleaning materials, it isn’t […]

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  • Why Should the Cleanliness of Your Restaurant Be Paramount?


    Every restaurant owner knows that great food and service are important or their restaurant will not be very busy. While it’s certainly important to focus on great customer service and making sure that everyone visiting your establishment feels like they got a wonderful meal for the money that they spent, it is equally important to […]

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  • Why Your Business Needs a Professional Cleaning Company in 2018

    man cleaning office

    You may not want to make this a resolution, but the beginning of the new year would certainly be a good time to start using a professional cleaning company. If you’re the owner of a small business or a medium-size business, you may have handled cleaning duties on your own until now or you hired […]

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  • The Best Home Cleaning Tips for 2018


    The new year is a great time to begin a new home cleaning schedule. Far from being boring, this can help you stay on track of keeping your home clean. With all of the responsibilities and work obligations that people have, it’s normal to slack a little on keeping your home clean, but there are […]

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  • How clean are school kitchens in Cheltenham?

    How clean are in Weston Super Mares school kitchens?

    How clean are school kitchens in Cheltenham? When choosing a school for your child in Cheltenham have you considered, how clean are School Kitchens in Cheltenham? We can get worried when choosing a school for our children there are so many things to consider. Ofsted ratings, are considered, others might be a little more concerned […]

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  • Why You Should Carry Out an Office Deep Clean Before the New Year

    new year

    The New Year is a great excuse for a fresh start, whether it’s overhauling your diet or learning something new, and many of us make a resolution to declutter. Once place where you might be looking to get more organised is at work, whether your workplace is an office or an industrial environment. If you […]

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  • How clean are Bristol’s school kitchens?

    How clean are in Weston Super Mares school kitchens?

    How clean are Bristol’s school kitchens? How clean are school kitchens in Bristol? Did you consider how clean Bristol’s school kitchens really are before choosing a new school for your children? Many of us have recently had to choose a new school for our children, some for their first school, others are moving up to […]

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